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Audit & KYC

At Crypto Hub, we understand the importance of security for your smart contract projects. That’s why our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive security audit to help identify and address any vulnerabilities. 

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Smart Contract Audits


Project Owner KYCs

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Audit Process

Here is our key steps involved in conducting a smart contract audit with us.


Project owner provides contract address and relevant project links and brand identity.

Logic & Architecture

Our team will outline the overarching architecture of the project to provide clarity for audits, facilitating their comprehension of the implementation.

Line-by-Line Check

The auditors will examine the implementation, noting any potential discrepancies or disparities between the code and the requirements for business logic.

Automated Analysis

The automated tools will uncover sophisticated and in-depth insights by recognizing recurring patterns and reported problems.

Security Vulnerabilities

Auditors are knowledgeable about the latest hacking techniques and trends. They will conduct a thorough analysis that covers user roles and access permissions.

Audit Report & Certificate

We use a fully Agile methodology. The audit report is not final and can be updated based on discussions with the client, incorporating changes as necessary.

KYC Process

Process of identity verification of the project owners to verify the identity aiming to bring safety to the crypto world.

Veriff KYC

Crypto Hub will send an automated automated KYC link by our partnerparer Veriff, so the team members can follow the identification procedures.

Final Interview

Crypto Hub representative will meet the team members in order for us to verify the same person is in fact the one in our automated verification.

Certificate Issuance

Crypto Hub will issue a KYC certificate for the project without sharing any personal details about the Veriffied Team Members