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Crypto Hub Launchpad Ownership Guide

Crypto Hub Launchpad is a platform that aims to create an inclusive and collaborative environment in the world of cryptocurrency. We have introduced a unique ownership structure using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to ensure shared ownership and participation.

In this ownership guide, we will discuss the four types of Ownership NFTs and their corresponding ownership percentages. We will also explore the benefits of ownership and the revenue streams available to owners.

Founders NFTs – 20% Ownership – These 3 NFTs (CEO, CTO, CMO) represent the founders of CryptoHub Launchpad and they were distributed based on the initial work and investment committed by them as well as the future management of CryptoHub Launchpad.

Team NFTs – 15% Ownership – Each NFT represents 1% Launchpad Ownership and the shares will be distributed among community managers, business developers, marketing assistants, graphic designers and software developers.

Partners NFTs – 20% Ownership – Each NFT represents 1% Launchpad Ownership and the shares will be distributed among influencers and partners that can boost, back and endorse CryptoHub Launchpad.

Investors NFTs – 45% Ownership – Each NFT represents 0.25% Launchpad Ownership and the shares will be distributed among investors on either public or whitelisted sales.

Team Members and Key Partners Ownership Distribution

Each selected Team Member and Key Partner will receive an NFT representing 1% Ownership. This NFT will be held in an escrow contract for one year, granting the Team Member or Key Partner access to all its benefits such as revenue and voting power. 

After one year, the NFT returns to the Launchpad, allowing the community to decide whether to renew the Partner or Team Member or hire someone new. 

This approach ensures the continuity of positions within CryptoHub Launchpad and the potential to attract more qualified Partners and Team Members as revenue increases. Also the escrow method prevents team members or partners from selling their ownership on the open market, ensuring a stable and committed organization.

Investors Ownership Distribution

Each Investor NFT represents 0.25% Ownership of CryptoHub Launchpad and can be obtained through our DAO Website. Investors have the option to sell their NFTs on the open market if they choose. There are a total of 180 Investor NFTs, representing 45% of the ownership in CryptoHub Launchpad. 

These NFTs will be distributed through two types of sales: a Public Sale where anyone can acquire an NFT for 0.4 ETH, and a Whitelisted Sale exclusive to Competition Winners, who can obtain an NFT for 0.2 ETH each. Investor NFT holders have the ability to claim their share of revenue and participate in voting on our DAO website.

Expected Launchpad Revenue & Distribution

All NFT owners are entitled to 80% of the launchpad’s profits, generated through various smart contracts on the platform. Owners can claim their share of revenue bi-weekly through our DAO Website by connecting their wallet containing the Ownership NFT. 

Additionally, owners have access to Key Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on our DAO Website, enabling them to monitor the launchpad’s performance. Owners can actively participate in decision-making processes by voting on proposals created by the community to enhance the launchpad.

CryptoHub Launchpad is currently developing its platform features, which are expected to be completed by November 2023 according to our Roadmap. The revenue of the launchpad will increase based on two factors: the number of features available to the public and the exposure and traction gained by the existing platform features.

Based on our competitors, we analyzed the revenue distribution across all NFT Types and shareholders below:

Based on our assessment, it appears that the launchpad’s revenue may not have a significant impact until late November when it is expected to be fully featured. At that point, we anticipate strong numbers from the launchpad, which could potentially lead to an increase in the price per share.


At Crypto Hub Launchpad, we believe in transparency, inclusivity, and shared ownership. Our unique ownership structure, represented by NFTs, ensures that key stakeholders, including founders, team members, key partners, and investors, have a voice and actively contribute to the success of our platform. 

Join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionize the Web 3.0 ecosystem and empower the crypto community. Together, let’s shape the future of decentralized finance.

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