Let us work our magic on your project

Business Development

Need help getting the project moving? Probably you need a Business Developer to start growing your partnerships and brand strength.

What We Do

Our Business Development Team is eager to provide assistance to any crypto project that requires fundraising or partnership. We possess a capable squad of talented BD’s who are proficient in establishing relationships with investors and partners within the cryptospace. We acknowledge the difficulty involved in actively seeking investors, as it requires an extensive network and time to reach out to contacts. Our team is well-equipped to help in these aspects.

How we Work

Before embarking on any campaign, our team creates custom databases with all relevant fields and companies we seek to contact. Firstly, we identify target industries such as DAO, traders, investors/VCs, and projects. Secondly, we diligently search for all relevant companies in each industry. Our team of analysts then proceeds to locate the primary contacts of relevant individuals through Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, and e-mail. Lastly, our managers reach out to each relevant communication in our database, including contacts collected during networking and other crypto events.

What you Get
  • The team of crypto adopted Business Development managers;
  • Database of TA companies based on their industry, positions, geography etc.;
  • Chain of messages and native scripts to communicate with them;
  • Detailed reports every morning about successful conversations to make your day positive and read fast with your coffee;
  • Telegram groups with investors which already interested in YOU;
  • Reminders and follow ups by our team if the negotiations in chat’s stopped;