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Smart Contract Development

Crypto Hub can develop and test custom smart contracts, staking & presale contracts, and NFTs.

Development Examples

There are several options for creating a customized smart contract creation, here is a small list developments:

Token Development

Get your ERC-20 token for any blockchain that supports this standard, including Ethereum, BSC, Kucoin, Polygon, etc…

ICO/Presale Dashboard

We can build a highly customized ICO Dashboard to suit your prelase token while giving you high levels of flexibility and practicality.

Dapp Development

Dapps runs on the technology of blockchain with zero downtime. The main theme behind the technology is that the data does not accumulate in a centralized place.

DEX Development

Get your own Automated Market Maker (AMM) or just a fork to let users swap tokens at your platform, bringing enhanced engagement and trust to your project.

Launchpad Development

A launchpad dapp lets you create a fully-featured white label crowdfunding platform where you can seamlessly raise funds for your causes or help others out by hosting their projects.

NFT Development

NFT allows the user to tokenize their unique assets like art, game assets, virtual land, accessories, and so on.Get your own NFT marketplace to let your community trade your NFTs and earn royalties.

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