create your custom token

Coin & Token Development

The Token or Coin in a project, is the most important part of its creation. Consider it the product you are going to sell, but in this case you wont be able to change it if it needs improvements.

Tokens Vs Coins

While coins are native to their own blockchain network (such as BNB and ETH), tokens are created and live on top of an existing blockchain network. Tokens can be created using smart contracts on blockchain platforms like Ethereum and can be traded on decentralized exchanges, making them a versatile and flexible tool for a wide range of applications.

Token Features

There are several options for creating a customized token, here is a smal list of possible functions.

Mint Function

The mint function is used to generate new tokens and add them to the total supply during the creation of a token on a blockchain network.

Burn Function

The burn function is used to permanently remove tokens or coins from circulation on a blockchain network.

Tax on Buy & Sell Function

Buy and sell tax refers to a fee that is charged when buying or selling tokens or coins on a blockchain network.

Reflection Function

Reflection, also known as token redistribution, is a mechanism in which a percentage of each transaction fee is distributed proportionally to all token holders on a blockchain network.

Voting Function

Through voting, token holders can propose and approve changes to the network’s protocol, such as changes to transaction fees or the addition of new features.

Trading Status Function

The trading status of a token or coin on a blockchain network refers to whether it is currently available for trading on exchanges or not.

Private Blockchain

Are you building a new blockchain and creating a new token from scratch? This can be a complex and time-consuming process but allows you for greater flexibility in terms of token economics and functionality.